WW archive > Issue 1302 - 04 June 2020


Planet Schaefer; Encouraging; Marxist narrative; Doing it better

Reinstate the Wavertree Four

The witch-hunt of leftwingers is now being carried out by ‘leftwingers’, says Paul Drummond

America explodes - again

As Trump exploits middle class fears we should expect more tyranny, not less, writes Daniel Lazare

No war, no sanctions

Hands Off the People of Iran held a successful online meeting on May 31. There is a growing danger of a new round of conflict in the Middle East driven by US imperialism, Zionist expansionism and the general turn to rightwing nationalism. There were three opening speakers

Behind the aircraft

The left is in danger of playing a conservative role over Covid-19. Our aim should be to set the agenda, argues Mike Macnair

Global unions needed

Workers in Sunderland should not be pitted against workers in Barcelona, writes Eddie Ford

What about the root causes?

Rutger Bregman Humankind: a hopeful history Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020, pp496, £20

‘A Labour Party with a communist mind’

William Sarsfield continues his series on the founding of the CPGB 100 years ago

Too smug to fail

The survival of Dominic Cummings is typical of the elite’s insulation from the pandemic, argues Paul Demarty

More than anything

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