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Partisan campaign shows the way forward

The Socialist Labour Party’s first election campaign was an energetic, committed and buoyant one


Communist advance; Sense of relief; Dedicated revolutionary; CPUK?

Keep it coming

Party notes

Clean break with Labour

Phil Felstead is one of the ex-miners in Hemsworth who worked throughout the SLP campaign. He worked at South Kirkby colliery until it closed in 1988 and was then forced into redundancy as a result of his militant record. Lee-Anne Bates spoke to him about the SLP

The stakes are high

Scottish socialist alliance: Building a revolutionary party

Saturday’s Scottish Socialist Alliance meeting is Glasgow is an important political event. The meeting will be presented with proposals from the organisation’s Steering Group designed to deepen and extend the unity of the SSA’s constituent elements. Scargill’s initiative on the Socialist Labour Party has pushed important forces on the left in England and Wales into seriously discussing the key question of building an alternative to Blair’s ‘new’ Labour. In Scotland, however, organisations like Scottish Militant Labour, the Socialist Movement, Liberation (left wing of the Scottish National Party) and others had already established a common front. At the meeting on Saturday, comrades - including from the Communist Party of Great Britain - will move towards even closer unity in a common organisation. This is a very welcome development and the CPGB sends its best wishes to the conference for a successful and positive discussion. On the eve of Saturday’s important debate, Mary Ward - leading member of the Communist Party in Scotland - gave us her views on the way forward.

Opening up the debate

John Milligan, Lanarkshire branch secretary of the RMT, was a member of the Labour Party for many years, and left over the poll tax and different industrial issues. He is involved both in organising SLP meetings in Scotland and in the Scottish Socialist Alliance. Nick Clarke spoke to him

Anarchist arrogance

Danny Hammill reviews ‘I couldn’t paint golden angels: sixty years of commonplace life and anarchist agitation’ by Albert Meltzer (AK Press, 1996, pp386)

Gruesome stuff

Eddie Ford reviews 'Seven', directed by David Fincher and written by Andrew Kevin Walker (1995, US, general release)

On the brink of war

Turkey and Greece

Manifesto of the Communist Party

From 'The Workers’ Weekly', paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, February 5 1926

Critique, OP and the CPGB

Bob Smith - For a Permanent Party Polemic Committee

Reasons to be cheerful

SWP, trade unions and strikes

Russian elections: for or against capitalism?

Communist press

Unity around programme

Statement by the Revolutionary Democratic Group on current relations between the RDG (faction of the SWP) and the PCC(CPGB)

For a reforged Communist Party of Great Britain

Minimal platform agreed by the Provisional Central Committee, CPGB and For a Permanent Party Polemic Committee (faction of the CPGB)

No short cuts

Against imperialism, for the working class

Old school ties

The great ticket robbery

In brief

Fire fighters ballot for more strikes

In brief

Refugee centre

In brief

SUPPLEMENT: Essays on the general strike - Part I

Classical Marxism and the general strike

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