Gruesome stuff

Eddie Ford reviews 'Seven', directed by David Fincher and written by Andrew Kevin Walker (1995, US, general release)

If there is anybody out there who thought that Aliens 3 was a good movie, then this might be the film for you. The director employs the same stifling and claustrophobic techniques for Seven as he did for Aliens 3 - this time, unfortunately, he has a much bigger budget and a publicity department which has plans for world domination.

This is cynical exploitation made into an ‘art form’. We are meant to believe that the unpleasant and extremely hackneyed plot - the evil genius serial killer who outwits his pursuers at every turn - is somehow deep.

Contrary to the propaganda, we are not treated to a naughty peek into the dark side of human nature, but offered a glimpse of the capitalist film industry at its most gruesome. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as the outwitted cops are very good though.

Eddie Ford