WW archive > Issue 1274 - 08 November 2019

Our attitude towards a Corbyn government

With the Tory election campaign mired in difficulties, Jack Conrad considers what is still an outside possibility.


1924, not 1921; Mere hyperbole; Trafficking; Adobe scandal; Grenfell election

Cure worse than the disease

The left should have no truck with clampdowns on the ‘abuse’ of politicians, argues Paul Demarty.

‘Correcting’ capitalist inequality

Keynesian proposals for ‘tax justice’ are not the answer, writes Michael Roberts.

Reactionary by nature

The case of the 39 migrants from Vietnam who froze to death in the back of a refrigerated lorry, when trying to enter Britain, has once again highlighted the need for a principled working class response.

Second Arab spring?

As demonstrators once again take to the streets, Yassamine Mather looks at the issues involved.

Reason to be proud?

While apartheid is long gone, writes Peter Manson, what do we say about the ‘rainbow nation’ that has replaced it?

Keeping firm on basic principles

Hands Off the People of Iran has issued the following statement on its decision to remove John McDonnell as its honorary president

Given up on liberation

Many militants are coming round to the view that, as well as the enemy being the Israeli occupation forces, there is an enemy within too. Lorna Anderson reports.

Far right conquers ‘red Umbria’

Toby Abse explains the continuing decline of the Italian centre-left and the complete marginalization of the far left.


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