WW archive > Issue 1269 - 03 October 2019

Establishment at an impasse

While Boris Johnson may well hanker after an illiberal democracy, Jack Conrad warns that parliamentary deals, calls for a caretaker government and campaigning for a second referendum are worse than useless.


Banality; Stop having kids; Manoeuvres; Please, no more!

Bid for Brexit glory

This really is crunch time for Boris Johnson - striking a deal with the DUP and submitting his ‘two borders’ plan to the EU. But, asks Eddie Ford, can he survive the storm?

Being ruder than Boris

The left should have no time for establishment MPs and their worries about extreme language, argues Paul Demarty.

One small step forward

The Labour Left Alliance held its first national networking meeting in Brighton. Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists reports.

A rent-seeking economy?

The problem lies not in ‘financialisation’, argues Michael Roberts, but in the system of capital itself.

West’s blood-splattered ally

Despite millions of dollars spent and support from the US, Riyadh is hardly getting things all its own way, writes Yassamine Mather.

Break with ANC

It is totally insufficient to oppose only ‘corrupt’ ANC candidates, writes Peter Manson.

Looking over the wall

Lorna Anderson recently visited Palestine and talked to a number of political activists about the current situation in Israel and the occupied territories. In a second article she will discuss developments in Palestinian politics.


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