WW archive > Issue 1253 - 30 May 2019

Their crisis, our opportunity

Boris Johnson promises to deliver Brexit, but to do that means calling a general election, writes Eddie Ford


Confirmatory; Lance the boil; Song and dance; Cuba and Trotsky; Read and study

Out of the dark ages

While the divorce referendum has resulted in a marginal improvement, writes Anne McShane, the absence of a fighting working class is still making itself felt

Trade and technology trigger

Michael Roberts warns that the US-China trade war brings with it the threat of another global downturn

Philosophy, Marxism and gender ideology

Rex Dunn makes a contribution to our ongoing debate. He argues that genderism stems from working class defeats and poststructuralist subjectivism

Only the Iranian people

Recent events have demonstrated yet again why ‘regime change from above’ will only produce chaos, destruction and death, says Yassamine Mather

Negations of democratic centralism

Mike Macnair completes his series of articles dealing with the issues raised by the collapse of the US International Socialist Organization


Statement from Labour Against the Witchhunt on the EHRC investigation of Labour

Silent treatment

The failure of some left groups to back the Labour Party is the fruit of deep-rooted problems in method, argues Paul Demarty

Over the line?

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