WW archive > Issue 1245 - 04 April 2019

Consensus unlikely to break out

Enraging the right, Theresa May has asked Jeremy Corbyn to help break the impasse. But is it a genuine offer or a trap, asks Eddie Ford


Class vote; Crap sandwich; Clear now?; Occupation; Only capitalism?

Where are our trigger ballots?

Jeremy Corbyn keeps digging his own grave, says Carla Roberts. But we want to bury the right

New threats in the offing

Yassamine Mather warns that the US administration is more than willing to see the map of the entire region redrawn

Taaffe goes for the throat

It is increasingly obvious that the crisis in the CWI is a lamentable attempt to force a split. Paul Demarty wonders who will fall for it, and whether the ‘tradition of the Militant’ is strong enough to survive

Transparency and solidarity

Mike Macnair looks at the procedural questions that precipitated the collapse of the ISO

Blood, fire, death

Review of ‘Lords of Chaos’, directed by Jonas Åkerlund and out on general release

Expect the unexpected

A combination of working class discontent and Kurdish initiative produced a setback for Erdoğan, writes Esen Uslu. But that is not the end of the matter

Meeting the new target

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