WW archive > Issue 1224 - 25 October 2018

No compliance with ‘hostile environment’ in NHS

James Linney looks at the impact of Theresa May’s immigration policy on asylum-seekers


Real socialism; Wealth; Eleventh day; Value; Beautiful; Lexit tactic; Deluded

SWP: Keep on keeping on

The absence of members’ rights is striking. Peter Manson reports on the first Pre-Conference Bulletin

People’s Vote: Establishment fights back

Saturday's demonstration carried more than a whiff of a post-Brexit national government about it, writes Eddie Ford

Saudi hit is another godsend for Erdoğan

Esen Uslu looks at the cynical power play going on over the murdered Jamal Khashoggi

Italy's government provoking a clash with EU

Against the background of attempts to form a new rightwing coalition across Europe, Toby Abse looks at the manoeuvrings of the rival Italian populists

Tinker, tailor, soldier, Marxist

Lawrence Parker takes issue with some of the interpretations of Michael Bettaney’s life and ideas that have appeared down the years

Huddersfield and the causes of crime

There is more at stake than criminal justice in the latest grooming scandal, argues Paul Demarty

Easing worries

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