WW archive > Issue 1206 - 07 June 2018

Intersectionality is a dead end

Sections of the left are beginning to cotton on to the extent to which ‘identity politics’ and ‘intersectionality’ are neoliberal projects, argues Mike Macnair. But they do not yet offer a clear alternative


Tactical retreat; 68 and the left; CPGB chauvinism

Sacked for daring to tell the truth

Contribute to the fight to reinstate Stan Keable, urges David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists

And then they came for LRC

John McDonnell has a political history, writes Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists. But, unfortunately, not much in the way of a backbone

A very British cover-up

Conspiracies do happen, as the Jeremy Thorpe scandal proves. And Eddie Ford reckons the establishment might also conspire against Jeremy Corbyn in the event of a Labour victory

Steve Bannon’s dream government

Whatever position it takes in relation to the EU, the new right-populist administration will be viciously anti-worker and anti-migrant, warns Toby Abse

Things to do when you’re dead

It is not only the Russian government which is putting around fake news, notes Paul Demarty

Understanding the dark side

The art market continues to go up, says Rex Dunn, and one day it will crash. But what is happening to art?

Hold them to account

Kevin Bean of the University of Liverpool branch reports on the attempts by the UCU leadership to sabotage union democracy


Robbie Rix gives a shout out to donors big and small

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