WW archive > Issue 1205 - 31 May 2018

May 68 to colour revolutions

The left has used the May 68 événements as evidence for a distorted concept of revolution, argues Mike Macnair. By doing so it has even endorsed ‘revolutions’ in the service of reaction. This is an edited version of a talk given to the May 27 London Communist Forum


GBL parts company; PCS conference; Untold misery

For your protection

The EU’s data protection law bodes ill for the internet’s anarchic side, argues Paul Demarty

Even better than expected

The left has been timorous when it comes to fighting for abortion rights. Now it should go onto the offensive and demand a secular constitution, along with the confiscation of church wealth, writes Eddie Ford

Beyond the border quandary

Brexit is in the interest of neither British nor Irish capital, writes James Harvey

Right-populist threat increases

As stock exchanges are rattled and EU politicians worry over the survival of the euro, Toby Abse warns the left against treating our enemy’s enemy as our friend

Space policy directive 2

Donald Trump has signed a presidential directive designed to boost US space commerce and fend off any challenge from China. Jack Conrad says the left would be well advised not to welcome the latest promises of getting back to the moon and going on to Mars

Erdoğan’s election gamble

If, as seems possible, the AKP is defeated, writes Esen Uslu, will the president go quietly?

Not fooling around

Hitting the target is no longer enough for Robbie Rix

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