WW archive > Issue 1202 - 10 May 2018

Playing Tehran’s game

Those who believe Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal will damage the Islamic Republic are badly mistaken, writes Yassamine Mather


Standing aside; Slow progress; 'Jewish problem'; Another CPSU?; Sectionalism

Zionist chutzpah

On the 70th anniversary of the nakba, Moshé Machover notes a remarkable piece of hypocrisy

No big swings

The local election results should warn us that a Corbyn government is not a shoo-in, writes Eddie Ford

Its final outing

Peter Manson looks at what was a disastrous political project from the very beginning

Good enough for the east

Why has Erdoğan called snap elections? Esen Uslu looks at his regime’s latest ‘democratic’ machinations

Who remembers Marx?

Paul Demarty marks 200 years since the birth of the founder of scientific socialism

Wonderful yet underperformed

Jack Conrad looks back at the May-June events that rocked France 50 years ago


Robbie Rix can't help being a worrier

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