WW archive > Issue 1163 - 13 July 2017

New horrors beckon

What will follow the ‘liberation’ of Mosul? Yassamine Mather is not optimistic


Predictions; Incoherent; Standby; Wake up; Galvanise; Quaint; SWP school; Peaked; Grow up; Forgotten 50%

Kemalists seize the moment

‘Justice’ march wrong-footed the mainstream left, writes Esen Uslu

Forced into action

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu decided on his ‘Justice’ march in response to the 25-year jail sentence imposed on Enis Berberoğlu, one of the CHP MPs for Istanbul.

Left’s movementist delusions

Neither a million-strong demonstration nor mass strikes would in themselves be likely to bring down the Tories, argues Mike Macnair. But, with the government weak and wobbly, the real question is what happens after a general election. Greece holds plenty of negative lessons

Hegemon opts out

We live in strange times. Eddie Ford looks at the G20 summit in Hamburg

The walking dead

The G20 only confirmed the sluggish nature of the global economy, writes Michael Roberts

Stumbling over Labour

The SWP’s movementism leaves it politically adrift where it really counts, writes Peter Manson

Much needs to be done

On July 8 a team of comrades from Labour Party Marxists attended the Durham Miners’ Gala. James Harvey recounts some of his impressions of this year’s ‘Big Meeting’

Enough Blairite bleating

Paul Demarty takes a look at the right’s latest moans - and notes SPEW’s continued refusal to join the battle on the side of the Labour left

Make sure we get there

Peter Manson reports on the CPGB's Summer Offensive

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