WW archive > Issue 1161 - 29 June 2017

Seize, occupy, requisition

Eddie Ford welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s militant approach to the housing crisis


Unanswered; Too detached; Socialist Brexit; One-sided; DUP 'morality'

Bringing out our differences

Peter Manson reports on last weekend’s meeting

Corrections from up close

Censorship or retrofit? In the third part of the series, ‘All power to the soviets’, Lars T Lih looks at Lenin’s ‘Letters from afar’ and the reaction of the Bolsheviks

First stage of the first revolution

Lenin’s ‘Letter from afar’, as printed in Pravda, March 21 and 22 1917

Optimism and pessimism

What is the nature of capitalist crises? Paul B Smith weighs up two contending views

Crisis and degeneration

David E Lowes (editor), Arthur Ransome Three accounts of revolutionary Russia Red Revenant, 2017, £6.90, pp212

May is not irreplaceable

More is needed than a removal van outside Number 10, argues Paul Demarty

Made it!

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