What happens after June 8?

Peter Manson reports on last weekend’s meeting of CPGB members

On May 7 comrades from the CPGB gathered in London for an aggregate meeting. Unsurprisingly, the main item on the agenda was the forthcoming general election, although towards the end of the day we also debated the new global situation in view of Donald Trump’s foreign policy.

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Not SNP; Three elections; Percentages; Right party; No grasp; Motto; Progressive role

Final resolution

Adopted by the May 7, 2017 CPGB aggregate meeting

Campaign and reality

In this edited version of her speech to the CPGB aggregate, Yassamine Mather looks at Donald Trump’s foreign policy after his first hundred days

Playing into Grillo’s hands

Toby Abse reports on the balance of forces following Renzi’s re-election

Unplanning delusions

The collapse of the Soviet Union does not prove that planning is impossible, argues Mike Macnair

A story of isolation

Unification under capitalism can only but perpetuate inequality, writes Michael Roberts

Alienation and augmented humanity

Mike Belbin reviews: 'Ghost in the Shell' Rupert Sanders (director), general release

Standing idly by while Britain chokes

‘Killer air’ represents a public health emergency, writes Eddie Ford, yet the government wants to do as little about it as possible

Free expression

Robbie Rix looks for acceleration

Weekly Worker 1154 is also available in PDF format