WW archive > Issue 1153 - 04 May 2017

No concessions

The French left must overcome its panic and maintain its opposition to the dysfunctional capitalist establishment, argues Paul Demarty


Ridiculous; Dead horse; Blairite agenda; Brain-dead

Turning the other cheek

Demoralisation or fightback? That is the main question after June 8, writes Eddie Ford

‘All power to the soviets!’

In the second article in the current series, Lars T Lih demonstrates that the Bolshevik strategy of a revolutionary alliance between the proletariat and peasantry was upheld by Karl Kautsky

The proletariat and its ally

This is the concluding section of Karl Kautsky’s The driving forces and the prospects of the Russian Revolution (1906)

Class struggle or national war?

Moshé Machover replies to Tony Greenstein

What kind of education?

Mike Macnair reviews: Paul Auerbach, 'Socialist optimism: an alternative political economy for the 21st century', Palgrave Macmillan 2016, pp522, £26.99

The corrupt fight it out

Yassamine Mather reports on Iran’s election charade

Good start

Robbie Rix is optimistic that the target will be hit this month

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