WW archive > Issue 1126 - 13 October 2016

Momentum or inertia?

As long as it is treated as the private property of its most timid elements, Momentum is doomed, argues Jim Grant of Labour Party Marxists


Third-campism; Scab conference; Pro-market; Questions; History repeats; In and out; Alarming

Rattling the Labour right

Lawrence Parker spoke at Communist University 2016 on the National Left Wing Movement - an organisation that was active in the Labour Party during the 1920s. Chris Hill of Labour Party Marxists spoke to him

Hitting the jackpot?

Stand Up To Racism looks set to be a big success in SWP terms, writes Peter Manson. But will it advance the cause of the working class?

Boris Johnson’s useful idiots

The Stop the War conference was marked by a pro-imperialist stunt, reports Simon Wells

Rate of profit continues to fall

Michael Roberts looks at the US data from 1948 to 2015

Labour’s perpetual war zone

Corbyn is right to keep the power to hire and fire, writes Eddie Ford

Big ask

Robbie Rix is confident of a big answer

Internal and external onslaught

Esen Uslu reports on the Erdoğan regime’s ongoing oppression, its Kurdish war and involvement in Syria

More than just cowardice

Tony Greenstein explains why the case of Jackie Walker is so important

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