WW archive > Issue 1116 - 21 July 2016

Erdoğan’s counter-coup coup

While a bloody military intervention has been defeated, that in itself is no reason to cheer, writes Esen Uslu


Enter left; Become active; Labour issues; Deferred; Passion; Racist; Bogeyman; Criticisms; Cleaners’ victory

Time for Corbyn to speak out

What does the right do when it loses an election? It voids the result! Tony Greenstein reports on the suspension of the largest local Labour unit

Conniving with the Tories

The vote to renew Trident demonstrated that the Labour right will stop at nothing in their desire to be rid of Jeremy Corbyn, writes Peter Manson

Legacy of Bush and Blair

Yassamine Mather comments on the Nice massacre

Inner balance

Reporting on the Summer Offensive, Peter Manson helps you find yours

Three Brexiteers set up to fail

When it comes to the EU, Theresa May has shown herself capable of thinking ahead for more than a week, writes Eddie Ford

Which side are you on?

Why is the Morning Star’s Communist Party of Britain willing to be an ally of the Labour thought police, asks Dave Lynch

Brexit, TTIP and TPP

Michael Roberts examines a possible effect of a British withdrawal from the European Union

No safe spaces for traitors

Jeremy Corbyn not only faces the nonentity, Owen Smith, but a legal challenge in the high court. Jim Grant of Labour Party Marxists says the left must toughen up

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