WW archive > Issue 1042 - 22 January 2015

The spectre of deflation

Will falling prices help stimulate the economy? Michael Roberts argues that, on the contrary, profits will be squeezed


Charlie contrast; Keep on writing; True and deep; More questions; Incompatible; Left who?; New bond; Concrete issues; Fabrications; Sounds absurd?

Avoid the temptation of power

Eddie Ford looks at the situation in Greece in light of the classic Marxist position - it is often necessary to hold back the spontaneous movement

Desire to take power triumphs

Anne McShane describes how Sinn Féin has gone about trying to wreck the Right to Water campaign

Nationalism and role of Pegida

Tina Becker examines the impact of Germany’s new rightwing force

Technology and terror

State antsiness about the ‘dark web’ reveals profound contradictions, argues Paul Demarty

More organised than the men

Mark Fischer reflects on an interview he had with Jean Davis in 1985.

Democratic organisation needed

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists attended the January 17 Reclaim the Union meeting of Unison activists

Business as usual

Catastrophic climate change is very unlikely to be averted under capitalist conditions, says Simon Wells

Can you help?

Robbie Rix says we need more standing orders to meet our target regularly

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