WW archive > Issue 1026 - 18 September 2014

Referenda and direct democracy

Ben Lewis looks at Karl Kautsky’s Parliamentarism and democracy


Chauvinist; Lesser evil; Scabbing; Plotless; Slogans' run; Vampire lawyers; Anniversary

Compromise is the losing option

Controversy over the ban on abortion has erupted once again, reports Anne McShane

No place for anti-Semitism

A Communist Platform member has been shown the door. Peter Manson reports

Zionism: Quest for legitimacy

Israeli communist Moshé Machover examines the significance of Zionist claims that Israel is the ‘nation-state of the Jewish people’

Catalonia: Backward project of nationalism

Secessionist movements throughout Europe are taking inspiration from the Scottish referendum, writes Eddie Ford

Recalling the nine days

A commitment to official union structures, and an inability to grasp the potential of organisations created by workers in struggle meant the miner's strike was a test most of the left failed, says Mark Fischer

How justice works

Deep pockets, global fame and the lack of jury trials are prone to produce outrageous results, argues Paul Demarty

Good work

Prefer a dead tree version of the Weekly Worker to pore over? Or a fumble on your fondleslab? They both cost money, as Robbie Rix likes to remind us...

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