Communist Unity Group

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, July 15 1920

(formerly unofficial Socialist Labour Party section)

WE ARE indebted to the editor of The Call for his readiness to place a page of his space at the disposal of our group. This will be a weekly feature ...

In this page of The Call we will have perfect liberty to express our views on all questions ... and we intend to avail ourselves of the opportunity.

Towards the Communist Party ... The spectre of unemployment becomes a perpetual nightmare. During the last five years of war we were assured by Labour and capitalist politicians alike that such recurrent features of capitalism would never be seen again. Yet scarcely 18 months have elapsed since the armistice and we are being warned about a coming industrial slump!

... Are we to accept this capitalist menace to social peace as we were wont to do before the war?

... July 31 will be your opportunity for making an effective reply. At the national convention will be laid the foundations of a Communist Party that will seriously challenge the powers of capitalism.

... We shall not be worthy of the name if we do not pick that challenge up and prepare for the coming struggle.