WW archive > Issue 102 - 13 July 1995

Fight against low pay

Healthworkers and railworkers are just the tip of the iceberg in the fight against the bosses’ full frontal attack on pay. While quango and privatised utility heads award themselves huge pay rises, workers across the board are having their pay slashed. This week Labour jumped on the slashing bandwagon, promising to keep workers’ pay below minimum


Saoirse; NHS truth; Secret letter; Progressive?; Vietnam

New face, same attacks

Communist Party Offensive 95

Republican road

Allan Armstrong for the Republican Worker Tendency replies to Steve Riley’s review (Weekly Worker 91) of its pamphlet, The Downing Street Declaration - ‘New Unionism’ and the ‘Communities of Resistance’

Communist Unity Group

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, July 15 1920

Labour evicts unemployed

Support Aslef drivers

Aslef’s Lew Adams: looking for a quick fix?

State’s muggers prepare

Gearing up for attacks on working class youth

Only doing their job

Revolutionaries, unity and the SWP

For a democratic workers' party!

ISG debates democracy

Labour Party’s finest hour

Attlee butchered workers’ hopes

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