WW archive > Issue 1013 - 05 June 2014

The Peter principle

It is past time for SPEW members to start questioning the strategic acumen of their leadership, argues Paul Demarty


Anti-imperialism; Left Left Unity; Socialist current; Media blackout; Badge of honour; Neutral on god; Anti-Shia SWP

Dispelling delusions of easy success

Last weekend’s Communist Platform meeting discussed electoral strategy and tactics. Peter Manson reports

Unpicking Piketty

Thomas Piketty Capital in the 21st century Harvard 2014, pp677, £29.95

Renzi's rightward march

Last week’s elections have confirmed the trajectory of ‘Italy’s Tony Blair’, writes Toby Abse

Still committed to Labour

Dean Kirk is of a rare political breed - along with Gill Kennett he was a Labour councillor in Hull who refused to vote for a cuts budget and was therefore suspended from the Labour group. He spoke to Mark Fischer

Countering illusions

During the 20th anniversary of the miner's Great Strike, we have been reprinting articles from The Leninist, forerunner of the paper you're reading now

Our men in Kiev and Donetsk

The far right are enemies, not friends, says Eddie Ford

Swings and roundabouts

Robbie Rix could do with cheering up

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