Call for a Communist Party

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, July 1 1920

To the communists and socialists of Great Britain

SOCIAL revolution, formerly but an empty phrase, has become a real live force, rending society at its very roots, and challenging the power and authority of capitalism the world over.

... Towards such an objective and to hasten the world revolution accruing, a Communist Party is wanted ...

Such a party should be clear in its mission and courageous in its determination. Its fundamental principles must be:-

(a) Communism as against capitalism: the maintenance of society on a basis of social service rather than class exploitation.

(b) The soviet idea as against parliamentary democracy: ie, a structure making provision for the participation in social administration only of those who render useful service to the community.

(c) Learning from history that dominant classes never yield to the revolutionary enslaved class without struggle, the communists must be prepared to meet and crush all the efforts of capitalist reactionaries to regain their lost privileges pending a system of thorough-going communism. In other words, the Communist Party must stand for the dictatorship of the proletariat ...

The Joint Provisional Committee for the Communist Party