Robbie Rix has been beset by technical gremlins this week. But he knows you're out there

Events have conspired to prevent me announcing both the final total raised for our April fighting fund and the number of online readers we had last week.

The first failure resulted from a combination of the tube strike and omission on our part, meaning that our mail has not been collected since before the weekend - all those cheques that can’t be included in the total. But never mind: we can always adjust the final tally retrospectively next week.

The second failure arose from a technical fault, which meant I couldn’t log on to the Weekly Worker statistics page. Oh well. But the total of readers has been hovering around 12,000 per week for what seems like months now and I’ve got no reason to suspect this week has been any different.

But I can tell you about what’s come in via standing orders and PayPal. There were eight SOs, ranging from £5 to £75 - thanks (in ascending order) to CC, JM, RL, DC, PJ, PM, DS and JT. To that we can add three online donations from PG (£25), FD (£10) and TT (£6).

So the provisional total for this week - excluding all those dozens of cheques, of course! - is £231, and the tally for April is £1,427. That’s just £73 short of the £1,500 we need. But I hope to be able to tell you that failure has been miraculously transformed into success next week.

Robbie Rix