WW archive > Issue 1008 - 01 May 2014

UKIP: Part of mainstream chauvinist consensus

Getting jittery, the Tory machine and large sections of the media are attacking the ‘unBritish’ Ukip. Eddie Ford is not surprised


Thorny questions; Stigmatised; Left vote; Sullied idea; Privileged; Antidote; Victimised rep; Hurt feelings

CPGB aggregate: Left strategy and election tactics

Jim Moody reports on discussions at the April 27 aggregate of CPGB members

EU elections: Trying to vote internationalist

Peter Manson outlines how to approach the May 22 EU elections

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels for the masses

Joseph Kessel calls for the works of the founding fathers of scientific socialism to become the ‘property’ of the workers’ movement as a whole, not the subject of bourgeois copyright laws

Safe spaces cotton wool

Tina Becker reports on the development of the Sheffield branch of Left Unity

Political legacy of hostage crisis

The 1979 seizure of the US embassy in Tehran had nothing to do with ‘anti-imperialism’, argues Yassamine Mather

Ottoman genocide remembered

Last week saw the 99th anniversary of the first detentions which led to the Meds Yeghern slaughter. Esen Uslu explains how a ‘Turkish’ state was created out of the Ottoman empire

Miners review: Parallel Universes

Ajay Close Trust Tippermuir Books Ltd, 2014, pp355, £9.99

Left unity: Playing happy families

The protracted regroupment talks between Socialist Resistance, the International Socialist Network and others continue; as does their political confusion, writes Paul Demarty


Robbie Rix has been beset by technical gremlins this week. But he knows you're out there

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