WW archive > Issue 1000 - 06 March 2014

Weekly Worker: The first one thousand

Editor Peter Manson looks back at the last 21 years and forward to the party we need


Underqualified ; Age of consent ; Stay and starve ; Borderline ; Communist LU?; FI and Ukraine ; Stick up ; Outside what?

Labour: Unions vote to be distanced

Delegate Charles Gradnitzer reports on Labour’s special conference

Harriet Harman: More manufactured hysteria

As the Daily Mail smears Labour MPs for links to paedophiles - Paul Demarty wonders whether it doth protest too much

The Leninist: Before this there was that

Jack Conrad recalls the genesis of the CPGB’s Leninist faction and its enduring legacy

The Leninist: First conference makes decision to go monthly

In January 1984 we organised the First Conference of Supporters of The Leninist, where the decision was made to go monthly

Many reasons to celebrate

We invited a range of comrades to send a millennial message

Respecting no dogmatic label

On the occasion of the 1000th issue, Marc Mulholland reflects on the state of the left

Solidarity with women of Iran

Yassamine Mather salutes those struggling against oppression

Miners' strike: Battle lines drawn

We reprint below our first response to the miners’ strike from an edition of The Leninist

Pete Seeger: The art of folksong

Pete Seeger, May 3 1919 - January 27 2014

Crimea: Danger of wider conflict

Vladimir Putin is unlikely to back down over Crimea, writes Eddie Ford

Make it a reality

Robbie Rix is aiming for bigger and better things: but we need you to do it, comrades

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