Make it a reality

Robbie Rix is aiming for bigger and better things: but we need you to do it, comrades

The full-colour front and back pages in this special 16-pager to celebrate the 1,000th edition of the Weekly Worker give a taste of what our paper could look like every week. In fact imagine if it looked like that throughout!

The small group of dedicated comrades who produce this paper and the scores of readers and supporters who help finance it make for a great team. Together we have achieved a lot over the last 21 years, but we don’t intend to rest on our laurels. We want more extended editions and are aiming for full colour every week.

But to achieve that we need to expand our support base and win more regular donations. At the moment we are usually reaching our £1,500 fighting fund target every month, but with very little, if anything, to spare. Yet we need to be receiving nearer £2,000 if we are to fulfil those aims.

Take February’s fighting fund. In the last couple of days of the month no less than £175 was received in standing orders (thank you, JT, PM, CC and RL), PayPal donations (good stuff, JC and TT) and a single bank transfer (well done, OP). All that added up to £175, taking our February total to … £1,490! Yes, £10 short. See what I mean about little to spare? Nothing at all to spare this time actually!

So can we do better in March? Well, in the first five days we have already received £231 - 14 standing orders, in amounts varying from £6 to £36, and one PayPal contribution. But the vast majority of our readers - we had 10,792 of them online last week - don’t chip in. Fair enough: the more who read us, the better, we say. But if you’re one of those thousands of readers who never contribute, don’t let me stop you reaching for your payment card! If you’re reading this on the web, download the pdf to see what the colour front and back pages look like.

Don’t forget, we’re aiming for bigger and better things. You can help make that a reality.