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Through the looking glass

Scott Evans spotlights Sir Keir’s desperate balancing act between a pro-Palestine electorate, wobbly MPs and the shifting messages coming from the White House … and the surreal goings on in the Commons

A stale left in a tumultuous world

There were two topics on the agenda: the Israel-Gaza war and the coming general election. Scott Evans reports on the January 21 aggregate for CPGB members and supporters

Scooby-Doo Marxism

There was a lot about the enemy being capitalism, but nothing much when it comes to strategy. Scott Evans reports on the SWP’s weekend festival in Glasgow

Give Tusc critical support

Voting Labour will strengthen the hand of Sir Keir and the right. Scott Evans reports on the recall background, the fixes and the candidates standing in the October 5 by-election

Past, present and future

Scott Evans reports on a week of debate, engagement and thinking through the crucial questions of our time

Drugs war and its failures

Scott Evans gives a critical welcome to the change in policy proposed by the Scottish government

Arrested development

Scott Evans looks at the paradox of continued support for independence and the revival of the Scottish Labour Party

Strategic dead-end

Humza Yousaf’s leadership is in total disarray; Labour smells blood and is expecting to make big gains. Scott Evans believes we should respond with a culture of openness and pre-emptive socialism

A poisoned chalice

The SNP leadership election was a close-run thing. But what now for Humza Yousaf? Scott Evans looks at the diminishing options

A fruitless crown

The contest to replace Nicola Sturgeon has proved unexpectedly fraught. Scott Evans reports on a movement that has run out of options

Period of complex contradictions

The trend towards an ever more unstable world continues, with the choice between socialism and barbarism being posed ever more starkly. Scott Evans reports