Derek James

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Had the Experience

Judy Carosian reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Cosying up to Sir Keir

Derek James reports on the split in the Socialist Campaign Group and the prospects for the ‘insider’ strategy

Will ye no come back?

Amidst rumours of Jeremy Corbyn being set to launch a new party, Derek James asks why so many on the left are still in thrall to Corbynism

Sheen comes off bluster and boosterism

Derek James looks at the stunning Tory rebellion over Covid-19 safety measures and Labour’s lead in the polls

Shuffling further to right

Derek James assesses Sir Keir’s new shadow cabinet, the cowardice of the official left and the danger of both Corbyn and McDonnell being expelled

Merging into a cul-de-sac

Derek James of Labour Party Marxists argues that this is no time to give up on the fight against the witch-hunt. Nor will the attempt to form an amorphous socialist movement get anywhere

Time for a rethink

Derek James rounds on John McDonnell for his pusillanimity and the official left for its silence over the expulsion of Graham Bash

Feeding the revolving door

Andrew Byrne, Gerald Wiley and Derek James report on an all too carefully choreographed event staged by the Socialist Appeal comrades

Right firmly in control

The Labour left is still clutching at unity and refusing to face up to defeat. Derek James of Labour Party Marxists looks at the sorry results

Sir Keir’s second eleven

Derek James says keeping heads down does not amount to a viable strategy

Waiting for the axe

With the Brighton conference about to begin, Derek James of Labour Party Marxists looks at a confused left and the failure to confront a witch-hunt that began not with Keir Starmer, but Jeremy Corbyn

Limbering up for Brighton

Derek James of Labour Party Marxists assesses the prospects for the left at the party’s annual conference

weapon forged in lies

Derek James calls upon the left to show courage and refute every false accusation with the truth

Tackling the key issues

From free speech to climate change. Derek James reports on this year’s Summer Communist University

Sir Keir’s ritual sacrifice

Derek James of Labour Party Marxists says the official left’s passive response to the latest upping of the witch-hunt is a direct result of careerism and narrow electoralism

Sir Keir’s road to Brighton

Organisations can be banned, but powerful ideas still live and flourish. Derek James of Labour Party Marxists reports on the growing opposition to the latest stage of the witch-hunt

Masks for Freedom Day

Derek James has no time for the government’s mixed messaging or Starmer’s constructive opposition

Politics not as usual

After Batley and Spen, Derek James reports on debates over Labour’s prospects and amending our programme

A meeting of two halves

We are a campaign for free speech: good. But we are not a Labour campaign: bad. Derek James of Labour Party Marxists reports

So runs the tide

Will the DUP be able to restore its former dominance under its new leader? Derek James is doubtful

Penny-pinching boosterism

Lots of soundbites, no joined-up thinking. Derek James looks at the poverty of the latest ‘great debate’

‘Anti-Semitism’ and culture wars

Derek James links the press attacks on the mass demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinians to a wider Tory offensive

Where next after May 6?

Derek James reports on last weekend’s online meeting of CPGB and LPM comrades

Ulster unionism in crisis

Brexit, together with shifts in both population and political allegiances, means that something now has to give, reckons Derek James

No split in army - yet

Derek James details the brutal response to the mass protest movement in Colombia and what needs to be done to avoid yet another failure

Coups, putsches and revolutions

Not only real, but counterfactual history too, can provide valuable political insights. Derek James reports on the Spring Communist University, held over the long bank holiday weekend of April 30-May 3

Chatham House ‘left’

Who stands for what and who says what - such basic information should not be treated as the private property of a select few. Derek James calls for openness

Hollow man for hollow times

With Labour facing a string of defeats on May 6, Derek James looks at the continuing problems facing Keir Starmer

Ghost dancers of loyalism

Riots in the Six Counties confirm once again that the Good Friday agreement settled nothing, writes Derek James

Tip of an iceberg

Bribery, fraud, nepotism and graft are all endemic to the bourgeois order, writes Derek James

Focus on big questions

Tory commissioners should concentrate minds, writes Derek James of Labour Party Marxists

Getting our act together

Derek James of Labour Party Marxists welcomes the coming together of the Labour left. However, the cause of unity must go hand-in-hand with principle

Defend David Miller

Championing unrestricted freedom of speech does not imply political agreement. Derek James of Labour Party Marxists explains