Thursday donors

Robbie Rix knows we can scrape over the line

With just a day to go to reach our £1,500 fighting fund target for January, our total stands tantalisingly short at £1,411. I know we can start 2014 on a successful note and comrades will come up with the extra £89 we need.

There are two ways of getting your donation to us immediately (assuming you can’t hand it to me personally!): either you can go to our website and make use of our PayPal facility; or, better still, you can make a transfer from your online bank account (or ask your local branch to do it for you). Our sort code is 30-99-64 and the account number is 00744310. Why do I say ‘better still’? Because the second option doesn’t cost us anything.

The highlight of this week’s contributions was the £50 in cash given to our editor at last Saturday’s Hands Off the People of Iran conference. It came from two Iranian comrades living in Britain, who are grateful for the solidarity this paper consistently shows to their struggle against the twin enemies of US imperialism, with its threats to launch attacks on Iran, and the Tehran clerical dictatorship, which forced so many into exile.

Another £35 came from the US itself, where Weekly Worker subscriber AP now finds himself. He has added that amount to his sub. Then there were two PayPal contributions - £5 from OC and £10 from MD, who is now something of a regular donor. Finally we were stood in good stead by our standing order regulars - JT (£75), DS (£35), PM (£30), PJ (£13), DC (£12), JM (£10) and CC (£5). All that added £280 to our total.

Let me now appeal specifically to our online readers, of which there were 11,259 last week. Since the largest slice of that readership inevitably comes to our website on a Thursday, when they can access newly published articles like this one, please click on that PayPal button before you go. Or, of course, you can make that bank transfer as soon as you’ve finished scouring this week’s Weekly Worker!

I know you won’t let us down!