2014 trend

With Xmas on its way, Robbie Rix asks for comrades to help us meet our December fighting fund target

Special thanks this week go to KP for his £100 cheque towards our December fighting fund. KP writes: “Keep up the good work in 2014.” With supporters like you, comrade, I’m sure we will be able to do just that. There were also cheques from JT (£25) and SL (£10).

An extra £226 came in since last week, taking our running total to £492. But we are quite a bit behind where we ought to be, with not much more than half the month left to make our £1,500 target. Next week will see the final issue of 2013 (December 19), so I would really like us to be two-thirds of the way there by then - especially as I know that the donations will dry up over Christmas and the new year, as the postal service shudders to a halt.

But there is no shutdown of the internet, of course, so you can still use PayPal to support your paper. That was what comrade DS did last week, donating the unusual sum of £11. I reckon DS really wanted to donate a tenner, but decided to throw in an extra pound to cover PayPal’s commission. There again, if you have an online bank account, you can make your contribution without any charge either to you or the Weekly Worker (account number 00744310; sort code 30-99-64).

Comrade DS was, by the way, one of 12,057 online readers last week. That figure has been rising steadily over recent weeks, so here’s hoping that’s another trend that continues into 2014.