WW archive > Issue 990 - 12 December 2013

Mandela: Creation of a cult

The ruling class is honouring a man who helped make South Africa safe for capitalist exploitation, writes Peter Manson


Fellowship ; Gag rule ; Distorters ; Only for leaders ; Wealth gap ; Crackpots ; Xmas sacking; Tables turned ; Irreconcilable

Plans for the hard left

Jack Conrad outlines the thinking of the CPGB’s Provisional Central Committee

Mandela: He was a bourgeois hero

South African Marxist Hillel Ticktin discusses the role of Nelson Mandela with Peter Manson

Science fiction: Aiming for the mixed economy

Even in science fiction the left’s horizons have shrunk, says Eddie Ford

Palestine/Israel: Belling the cat

Does the demise of apartheid provide a model for the ending of Zionism? Moshé Machover exposes this notion for the fallacy it is

Cops, lefts and anarchos on campus

Last week saw an outbreak of student protest. Daniel Harvey reports

Virtual money: Exchange without value

Anthony Rose looks at the growth of non-governmental virtual money

Liquidationism: End of the road

The Anti-Capitalist Initiative is about to fold. Meanwhile the International Socialist Network looks set to splinter. Harley Filben explores the politics of the marsh

2014 trend

With Xmas on its way, Robbie Rix asks for comrades to help us meet our December fighting fund target

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