Adams comes to his senses

Thee IRSP gives its views on Gerry Adams’ ending of exploratory talks last Saturday

THE IRISH Republican Socialist Party welcomes today’s statement from Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams that his party has ended any further involvement in the ‘exploratory’ talks.

IRSP spokesperson Una McKee said:

“From the outset of the ‘peace process’ the Republican Socialist Movement has held to a position that we would enter into dialogue with any party, group or individuals on this island to discuss a permanent end to the conflict.

“However, we would not talk to British government representatives until they had proved good faith by deed of stating their intention to end their oppression and war against northern nationalists.

“If the British were honest in their intention of playing a central role in ending the conflict which they created here, they would by now have been engaged in an unconditional, open and honest dialogue with republicans.

“Instead, they have built up the political credibility of fringe loyalist parties, the same groups who they had earlier militarily built up to wage a war of terror against innocent Catholics in an attempt to curb republican activity.”

Una McKee concluded:

“For far too long Sinn Fein have allowed their position - ‘accommodation in the hope of moving things forward’ - to be portrayed and exploited by Britain as a sign of weakness in an attempt to undermine the nationalist resolve.

“We in the IRSP hope that today’s announcement by Gerry Adams indicates Sinn Fein beginning to move to a more realistic understanding of British hesitancy and begrudgery.”