Fighting Fund: Supplementary

Robbie Rix sees November chugging nicely along target...but where are those payal donations comrades?

Our November fighting fund got a much needed boost this week when TM popped into the office to hand over a fantastic £300. The comrade very much regrets no longer being able to carry out practical tasks for the Weekly Worker and that is his way of making up for it.

But why do I say “much needed”? Well over the next couple of weeks we will be producing extra pages. The November 21 issue will be carrying a four-page supplement produced by Labour Party Marxists for the November 23 annual conference of the Labour Representation Committee. Then, the week after, there will be another, bigger supplement, aimed at the founding conference of Left Unity on November 30. And printing those extra pages costs money, as TM knows only too well!

But he wasn’t the only one to help us out with a generous donation. In the post came two handy cheques. The first was from BJ, who writes: “No, I haven’t forgotten you. I hope to make this a regular occurrence.” We hope you do too, comrade! And the second was from KT, who was too modest to write anything. His £20 was very much appreciated anyway.

And this column would not be complete without me listing all those regular donors whose standing order payment has been received over the last seven days. This week it was GD (£25), DV (£20), SWS (£15), LM (£12) and SM (£10) who came up with the goods. However, despite there being 11,304 online readers last week, none of them gave us a donation using our PayPal facility.

Despite that, the £452 that came our way takes our November total to a reasonably healthy £791. But we need £1,500 each and every month just to cover the cost of our regular 12-pager. So this month we really should be aiming for nearer £2,000. TM has shown the way and I’m sure there are a few others who would like to follow his lead, even if they can’t be quite so generous! Are you one of them?