WW archive > Issue 985 - 07 November 2013

Swamp things get together

Daniel Harvey examines the politics underlying recent regroupment efforts


Workers’ schools; There’s no limit; Just friends; Cliff’s nose; Condemn both; Point-scoring; Not token; Not like the SWP

Phone hacking: Establishment still in dock

The problem is not ‘irresponsible gutter journalism’, argues Paul Demarty

AWL: Failing the litmus test of loyalty

The republication of a chauvinistic article on the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty website was the spark that led Patrick Smith to resign from the organisation. Mark Fischer asked him about his experience in the group

Why I am leaving the AWL

Pat Smith's resignation letter

Grangemouth: Gangster bosses and special measures

The Grangemouth capitulation shows the limits of trade unionism, writes Eddie Ford

USSR: Getting the Soviet Union right

On the 96th anniversary of the October Revolution, Jack Conrad engages with the Russian question

The party we need

Is ‘actually existing Leninism’ the right model? In this edited version of his speech at the CPGB’s Communist University earlier this year, Moshé Machover explains why it is wrong

Iran executions: Brutal signal to opponents

Yassamine Mather reports on the latest wave of executions

Fighting fund: Valiant

Robbie Rix celebrates our valiant readers

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