Fighting fund: Valiant

Robbie Rix celebrates our valiant readers

The last day of October saw a valiant effort from three comrades to see us over the line in the race to reach our £1,500 fighting fund target, but unfortunately we didn’t quite make it. Despite the tremendous £100 PayPal donation from TR, another for £10 from LT and a £25 bank transfer from DK - all on October 31 - our total for the month was tantalisingly short, finishing on £1,441.

Hopefully we can make up that £59 deficit in November, which has started well mainly thanks to 17 standing order payments received in the first few days. In particular let me acknowledge those of AD (£36), SD and CG (£30 each), BP (£25) and JA (£20). And thanks too to comrades JH and OL for their cheques, both for £20.

There were also two PayPal donations - from EJ (£25) and MD (£10). But I have to say that two contributions from exactly 12,500 online readers last week is a small return. I know many of them were interested in the items on our home-page carousel relating to the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty and the Socialist Workers Party, so perhaps I should not expect them to be Weekly Worker supporters.

There again, you don’t have to agree with our politics in its entirety to appreciate the work we do in publicising the efforts of those who oppose the bureaucratic-centralist failings of the left. We consider it a duty to publish things like Patrick Smith’s resignation letter to the AWL (which also appears in this week’s Weekly Worker - see above) and the internal debate featuring in the SWP’s Pre-conference Bulletin. If you appreciate this, you should help us raise the cash we need to keep on doing it!

After six days of our November fund, we have £339. But that is a bit behind the going rate. Please do what you can, comrades!