WW archive > Issue 982 - 17 October 2013

Science and collaboration

The ‘standard model’ has been confirmed, writes Anthony Rose. But it is not only Peter Higgs who should be celebrated


Treason; Petty point; Inept; Glass houses; Skirts; New platform; Transfer request; Not big enough; Science first; Dilemma; Not fascist

SWP: Another dreadful mess

The behaviour of the SWP brings the whole left into disrepute, writes Peter Manson

Labour: Inching to the left

In view of Labour’s marginal shift, the new ‘broad left’ party proposed by Left Unity’s Left Party Platform is worse than useless, writes Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists

Leveson, libel and lucre

The overall result of the combination of Leveson and the Defamation Act is a major attack on freedom of speech and communication, argues Mike Macnair

Class versus people’s revolution

The proletariat has a spontaneously collectivist class-consciousness, argues Marc Mulholland. But what implications does that have for the winning of working class power?

Iran: Step up solidarity

The apparent thaw in US-Iran relations could offer new opportunities for the workers’ movement, argues Yassamine Mather

The ballad of Tommy Robinson

The left is in the habit of not thinking, notes Paul Demarty. Nowhere more so than when it comes to the far right

Fighting fund: Good on them

Robbie Rix reports on a mixed week for the Fighting Fund and thanks those who chipped in!

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