Fighting fund: Good on them

Robbie Rix reports on a mixed week for the Fighting Fund and thanks those who chipped in!

A slack week for our fighting fund was lifted by a fantastic £100 donation from comrade TH, who writes: “Here’s something to show my relief that I’ve got my Weekly Worker this week!”

He was referring, of course, to the fact that the postal service has not been quite right recently, but at least he received issue 981 on time - without being asked to pay a surcharge too! Hopefully the delivery problems of the last couple of weeks are now behind us for a while.

I say ‘for a while’ because, as readers know, Royal Mail workers are expected to be out on strike pretty soon, as the newly privatised company starts to step up its attacks on their conditions. We say, good on the postal workers for fighting back - our readers will be with them too, even if it means they don’t get their paper.

But none of that will affect the online edition, obviously, which might see a small increase in readers, I suspect. Talking of which, we had 10,515 of them last week, including VJ, who made use of our PayPal facility to donate a fiver. But, apart from TH’s whopping gift (together with a £10 cheque from JG), the bulk of donations came in the way of standing orders. Thank you, TB and EW (£25), DW and JD (£20), AN (£10) and JS (£6).

But I did say it was a slack week apart from TH. Altogether we received £221, taking our total for October up to £642. There are now less than two weeks to raise the £858 we still need to meet our £1,500 target. Post us that cheque while the going is good!