Fighting fund: Where’s my paper?

Robbie Rix reports on the mystery of the missing papers

A good number of readers have told us that they didn’t get last week’s paper (September 26). On the face of it a mystery. All were delivered to the main sorting office in central London on Thursday evening at the normal time. Royal Mail has assured us that there was no problem at Mount Pleasant and that there have been no delays elsewhere as far as they are aware.

We know that some received the paper the next day. Others Saturday. Nevertheless, a week has now gone and still many are without their Weekly Worker. Obviously we apologise for this. However there almost certainly has been an outbreak of unofficial action by CWU members. Indeed we have got reliable reports of protests against harassment and increased workloads that began in the south-west. Under such circumstances we would ask readers to show both patience and solidarity. Patience with our inability to get the paper to you - but also solidarity with postworkers. Be ready to support their picket lines, protest meetings and demonstrations. The CWU is balloting for a national postal strike over settling its 2013 pay claim and changes to job security, conditions and pensions that will undoubtedly come with privatisation. There will surely be a majority vote for action. So, given government intransigence and a bellicose Royal Mail management, further problems should be expected. Quite possibly a complete shut down.

But three positive things did come for us from Royal Mail this week though: three cheques for our fighting fund, which helped us to achieve - just - our £1,500 target for September. Thanks, LH (£50), GR (£20) and SP (£10). Add to this a total of £175 that we received in standing orders in the last few days of the month, plus a £10 PayPal donation from MC, and you have the extra £265 that took our total to £1,513.

Nothing has yet been delivered in the post for our October fund, but I can report the normal start-of-the-month burst on the standing order front - £196 received in just two days. So we are well placed to reach our target in October too - but only if a lot more readers take out standing orders or use Pay Pal. If we have rely on Royal Mail we will could well face severe financial problems.

Web readers - there were 10,654 of you last week - must be wondering what the fuss is about. A big slice regularly download the paper Thursday morning. That is often before our printers have even started the presses rolling. Either way, the whole operation costs money … and that is why we need the support of all our readers.