Fighting Fund: Do what we can

A long time Weekly Worker supporter gives Robbie Rix a surprise

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when a veteran supporter of the Weekly Worker, comrade TM, walked into the office and handed over £160 in crisp £20 notes. TM is concerned that he can no longer do quite as much as he would like - but at least he can help us financially right now.

And it goes without saying that we are grateful. That sum represents over 10% of what we need to raise in donations each month: ie, £1,500. Added to that, there were two cheques for £20 in the post - thanks to KS and TF (the latter adding that amount to his resubscription).

However, there was just one PayPal donation from among our 9,279 online readers last week - thank you, comrade AL for your £15 gift. Finally four above-average standing order contributions to our fighting fund brought in a further £135 - DW, JD, SP and MM are the donors.

All in all, a good week, the extra £350 taking our running total up to £906. In the words of comrade TM, “We must all do what we can for the best paper on the left.”