WW archive > Issue 978 - 19 September 2013

Socialist Platform leaders: Headlong collapse into politics of the labour bureaucracy

Peter Manson reports on the undemocratic manoeuvres of the drafting group


United front ; Story of O ; Dog’s bollocks ; Not so aloof ; Microsects ; Gloomy thoughts

STWC: Main enemy is at home

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reports on the September 14 Stop the War Coalition AGM

AWL dishonesty

Dave Isaacson refutes a rather bizarre accusation

Socialist Platform: Politics of prejudice

The fear of political groups and impatience with political meetings on display at the Socialist Platform’s first national meeting are deeply linked - and politically pernicious, argues Paul Demarty

CPGB: Debating Left Unity alternatives

The CPGB is considering its next moves following the political collapse of the Socialist Platform’s leadership. Michael Copestake reports

Die Linke: Rotten politics and rotten terms

This weekend’s elections will be a test for Die Linke, argues Ben Lewis, especially when it comes to the coalition-making that will follow

Imperialism: More than Syria in its sights

There has been a dramatic change in the politics of the Middle East, writes Yassamine Mather

Why is the left so afraid of science?

Our struggle to overcome capitalism requires solid scientific foundations, argues Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group

Lib Dems: Desperate to avoid wipe-out

Nick Clegg has resorted to claiming that coalition government is a virtue in itself, writes Eddie Ford

Fighting Fund: Do what we can

A long time Weekly Worker supporter gives Robbie Rix a surprise

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