WW archive > Issue 976 - 05 September 2013

Syria: War bid hits buffers

The UK will not be taking part in any punishment strikes on Syria for now, but the threat of imperialist intervention remains, writes Paul Demarty


Blame game; Madness; On this planet; Precisely; Class issue; Not too broad; Exclusive; Hands on Syria?

Syria: Not a revolution

The left is in danger of becoming a cheerleader for overtly reactionary forces, observes Harley Filben. Syria is being divided along sectarian, not class-struggle, lines

Arab spring turns to winter

Tony Greenstein gives his view on the cooling prospects of the Arab Springs

Global economy: Too big not to fail

The very size of the global economy produces a tendency to crisis, argues Moshé Machover1

Programme: Lessons of Erfurt

Was the Second International based on ‘parties of the whole class’? Mike Macnair looks at the real history of working class organisation

Review: Parallel lives and irrational jealousy

Paul Flewers reviews: David Caute, "Isaac and Isaiah: the covert punishment of a cold war heretic", Yale University Press, 2013, pp335, £19.99

Gilbert Achcar: Enough ‘humanitarian’ exceptions

Imperialist military intervention is always designed to advance imperialist interests. Yassamine Mather responds to the excuses of Gilbert Achcar

Syrian crisis: Miliband well placed to benefit

Eddie Ford examines the impact on British politics of the Syrian crisis


Robbie Rix is back to remind you to stop sipping your coffee and give money!

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