WW archive > Issue 973 - 01 August 2013

Eurozone: Road to nowhere

Why does the European bourgeoisie insist on austerity despite the virtual certainty that it cannot succeed? Hillel Ticktin digs beneath the official claims


Hatchet man; Golden ages; Male force; Special pleading; Pathetic; Vote-rigging; Boycott; Solidarity

Left Unity: Rules for flirting

Dave Isaacson reports from Left Unity’s second national coordinating group meeting

Socialist Platform

Statement of aims and principles for the Left Unity party

Falkirk: Defend the union link

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reviews the latest attack on the union link with Labour and reviews its history

Urgent call out

Mark Fischer appeals to all of our readers and supporters to help our Summer Offensive

AWL review: Education or training?

Mike Macnair reviews: Cathy Nugent (ed) 'Marxist ideas to turn the tide: readings and reflections on revolutionary socialist strategy'. Phoenix Press/Workers’ Liberty, 2013, pp138, £5

Roar of the dead lion

Eddie Ford wants to be spared any more royal babies and gilded easels

Iran: No let-up on sanctions

How long after the inauguration of the new president before disillusionment sets in? Yassamine Mather discusses the limitations of Hassan Rowhani

Elaine Morgan: Debt of gratitude

Chris Knight remembers the woman who saw off the ‘savanna hypothesis’

God of the gaps

Justin Welby is a hypocrite, but his credit union plans are a symptom of the decline of the workers’ movement, argues Paul Demarty

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