WW archive > Issue 968 - 27 June 2013

People's Assembly: John Rees and the fragile politics of broadness

Peter Manson reports on the launch of John Rees’s ‘united front against austerity’


Build Left Unity; Promising; Phobic phobia; Unison; Not necessary

Surveillance state: What we knew already

Yassamine Mather surveils the recent UK-US electronic spying scandal

Summer Offensive: The solidarity quid

Mark Fischer senses a gradual change in attitudes to the Weekly Worker at the People's Assembly

People's Assembly: Political theatre and the 10 seconds

Sarah McDonald argues that the politics needed by the working class are antithetical to those committed to the ‘principle’ of broadness

Italy: Berlusconi will never serve time

Toby Abse reports on the ‘Ruby case’ verdict

AWL school: Economism and frontist delusions

Mike Macnair was at the Ideas for Freedom school to listen, to learn and to debate

AWL school: Missing the point

Paul Demarty shares some brief thoughts on a session dedicated to debating the IS/SWP and its history

Brazil: Half riot, half carnival

Pent-up anger has exploded. Millions have taken to the streets. Eddie Ford looks at the sorry results of the coalition politics pursued by a once much vaunted Workers Party

Film festival: Documented truths

Jim Moody reports from London’s global documentary festival and gives a smattering of reviews

EDL: Oxygen of stupidity

Socialist Worker complains that the BBC is giving the English Defence League publicity - a bit rich, reckons Paul Demarty

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