Great victory

Simon Wells reports on the 3 June UAF meeting in London

 Celebrations of the great anti-fascist victory continued on the evening of June 3 at a UAF meeting in the University of London Union, where around 150 supporters, mainly SWP, celebrated their success under the watchful eye of national secretary Charlie Kimber.

A range of top-table speakers thanked the UAF for its support over the past couple of years in fighting the “Nazi” EDL and BNP. The chair said the June 1 mobilisation had been a “successful event from our perspective” and the sweet mood music continued with Jude Woodward of One Society, Many Cultures who thanked UAF for having “played an important part in setting our agenda”.

The loudest applause was reserved for the SWP’s lead figure in UAF, central committee member Weyman Bennett, when he quoted an EDL tweet showing just how important Unite Against Fascism is held to be: “UAF has to be stopped”. Comrade Bennett disclosed plans to build on the latest tremendous success, including rallies like those in Trafalgar Square after 7/7 organised by Ken Livingstone. There is to be an advert in The Guardian to garner the widest possible support for the fightback against the fascists, Ukip and xenophobia.

Paul Holborow, one of the co-founders of the Anti-Nazi League, said that without the UAF the May 27 EDL demonstration could have numbered around 20,000. Presumably referring to dissident SWP members, he asked those who have been criticising UAF to take down their blogs: discussions should be kept internal, so that we can concentrate on the main task. Another contributor revealed the perilous state of the finances of the UAF in the absence of union support.

There is nothing like a good rally to celebrate success and motivate the troops. And it also helps in diverting attention from the SWP’s internal divisions.