WW archive > Issue 952 - 07 March 2013

Alex Callinicos: haunted by the real Lenin

Ben Lewis observed few signs of ‘revolt’ at last weekend’s SWSS day school


Alpha-male; Anti-politics; Bacon; Inspiration; Dear respected

Iran: Need our support

Yassamine Mather reports on the developing social catastrophe

Tusc: Let’s get this party started

The current Tusc model has failed, argues Nick Wrack

SWP special conference: Divided they fall

The Socialist Workers Party leadership is attempting to divide the opposition. Taking the bait would be suicide, reckons Paul Demarty

Debate: Lukács reloaded

Dealing with the complex legacy of Georg Lukács demands something more sophisticated than treating him as an honorary member of the SWP, argues Lawrence Parker

Jerry Hicks interview: Not more of the same

The Provisional Central Committee of the CPGB is urging support for Jerry Hicks, the rank-and-file candidate in the Unite election. Peter Manson spoke to him about his campaign and perspectives

Appeal from the editor

Peter Manson gives an update

Eastleigh by-election: Snapshot of political failure

The fruitcakes and loons of UKIP came second, Eddie Ford reflects on the Eastleigh by-election

Fighting fund: A favour

Robbie Rix sees a flood of web hits last Monday and a good start to the months fighting fund

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