Fighting fund: A favour

Robbie Rix sees a flood of web hits last Monday and a good start to the months fighting fund

It is not often that we get a lot of online readers in the first part of the week. That is because the Weekly Worker is published on Thursday and by Monday or Tuesday most people have read the current issue.

So I was surprised when I saw that on Tuesday this week (March 5) there were no fewer than 2,593 visitors (compared to 15,188 for the whole week). But then I realised that March 5 was the first full day that the Socialist Workers Party’s Pre-conference Bulletin was available on our website. Of course, for the SWP, internal debates on vital political questions are regarded as top secret - they are no business of anyone outside the organisation itself. Class-conscious workers have no right to know how the would-be vanguard party that aims to lead them to revolution conducts its business.

Of course, we at the Weekly Worker have a different view. All debates (except, of course, those invoking genuine security concerns) should be held in full view of the class, so we are actually doing the SWP a favour by helping them apply that principle.

Fortunately lots of comrades agree with us. And they show that by donating to our fighting fund. However, despite £85 received on the last day of February, we didn’t quite get the £1,500 we need every month just to meet our running costs. Thanks to MD, CC, RL, AR, PM and SP, our total last month went up to £1,421.

And March has seen us off to a good start. EJ transferred his usual £50 on the first of the month - the day when we also receive the biggest number of standing order donations - 15 of them, totalling £207. Finally JD added £25 to his subscription cheque. Thanks to everyone for getting our March total up to £282 in less than a week.