WW archive > Issue 940 - 29 November 2012

Austerity: The madness of a dying system

The ruling class has no alternative to austerity and the drive to create a pristine capitalism. Not only is that impossible, but, as shown by South Africa, the working class is beginning to revolt. This is an edited version a speech by Hillel Ticktin, editor of Critique, on November 17


SPGB enigma; Sort it out; Student split; Earthquake; Terry Liddle; Loopy

Egypt Mursi: Showing his true colours

The SWP's decision to call for a Muslim Brotherhood vote in Egypt is coming back to haunt them, writes Peter Manson

CPGB History: Illuminating the factional struggles of the CPGB

Mark Fischer welcomes the second edition of a book which uncovers some long-hidden history

USSR Review: Sticking with old dogmas that have failed time and again

Paul Flewers reviews: Workers Power, 'The degenerated revolution: the rise and fall of the Stalinist states', Prinkipo, 2012, pp584, £13.90

Ukip fostering row: Who’s fit to be a parent?

If members of ‘mainstream’ parties should not be barred from fostering, asks Eddie Ford, what about us ‘extremists’?

Middlesborough review: Rapid development and workers’ struggle

David Douglass reviews: Minoru Yasumoto, 'The rise of a Victorian ironopolis: Middlesbrough and regional industrialisation', Boydell Press, 2011, pp250, £60

Women Bishops & CofE: Irrelevant? If only

The Church of England’s failure to accept women bishops is embarrassing, but solutions short of disestablishment are absurd, argues Paul Demarty

£164 needed in two days

Can you help? Robbie Rix says that there's no time like the present

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