WW archive > Issue 936 - 01 November 2012

US elections: The more effective evil

Barack Obama hardly represents a rampart against Republican extremism, as some on the left still maintain. Jim Creegan looks at the state of play in the final week of the election campaign


Definitions; Tea pots; Sorry; Wrong again; Read it; Day of action; No deportations; Up yours; Rebuild tax; Good job

UK Economy: Bumping along the bottom

Whilst the UK economy is officially no longer in a recession, writes Eddie Ford, it remains in deep trouble

Kurdistan: Hunger strike reaches critical stage

Esen Uslu reports on a travesty of justice

Mark Fisher: Not failing better, but fighting to win

Is there no alternative? Mark Fisher, author of Capitalist realism, criticises neo-anarchism and outlines his perspectives

Berlusconi: Another guilty verdict

If past form is anything to go by, Silvio Berlusconi will not serve a day of his latest jail sentence, writes Toby Abse

Anthropology: Imperialist abuse of science

Simon Wells reviews: David H Price, 'Weaponizing anthropology: social science in service of the militarized state', AK Press (Counterpunch series), 2011, £12, pp208

Tories: Revenge of the nasty party

David Cameron once liked to pose as a compassionate Conservative, writes Paul Demarty. But no longer

Big success

Get your wallets out, it's Robbie Rix.

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