Big success

Get your wallets out, it's Robbie Rix.

Not surprisingly, we easily reached our £1,500 fighting fund target for October. I say ‘not surprisingly’ because, as readers may recall, we were just £15 short of that target last week! And over the last seven days a further £357 was added by our readers and supporters, taking our final total to a fine £1,842.

You may detect a slight hint of disappointment in what I have just said, though. That’s because October got off to a great start with a brilliant £500 donation from TM. Enough not only to wipe out September’s £167 deficit, I thought, but to take us over the £2,000 mark in a single month for the first time. Well, we obviously did the first, but were a bit short of the second. Nevertheless, the October total must go down as a big success.

The biggest part of this week’s income came from standing orders - in truth it is those SOs that provide the foundation of every month’s fighting fund. Amongst them were JT’s usual generous £75, £35 from DS and £30 from PM. Incidentally, DS’s £35 is actually a new standing order - and very welcome it is too. Also among the total was DC’s £12 - he decided to increase his previous payment of £5 a month. Thanks to all.

Then there was a more than useful £50 PayPal transfer from comrade TB. It came at the very last moment - but, of course, that’s the beauty of donating via our website: we get the cash straightaway. TB was one of 9,918 online readers last week, by the way.

Finally, there were three nice cheques in the post - from RG (for £75!), SL (£20) and DM (£10). RG did his usual trick of slipping the cheque in an envelope without a covering note. Talk about modest!

Anyway, once more a big thank you to all contributors. Let’s aim to repeat this month’s success in November.